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Disaster Recovery

Techit Secure Online Backup

We offer a secure, automated data backup and retrieval solution that intelligently and securely backups and stores critical data via the Internet, from a user's computer (whether it is a server, desktop or laptop) to fully mirrored, offsite data storage platforms in separate locations, ensuring that your valuable data is safe, secure and is available anytime, anywhere.

With banking level security and a web access facility that affords you extraordinary flexibility, the appeal of TECHIT Online Backup is wide ranging, whether you are in IT, Finance, Administration, Sales or even if you are the Managing Director, you can rest easy knowing that your data is safe.

Continuous Data Protection

Our Online Backup software is equipped with advanced Continuous Data Protection (CDP) feature which can be set to capture every version of the data of a file that has been saved to your hard drive. With CDP, whenever you have made changes to the files in the backup set, it will automatically backup the changes to Offsite Backup Server (OBS). Thus, it provides a highly dependable means of real-time, continuous data protection for file servers, desktops, and laptops effortlessly and transparently, without any human intervention.

   •Windows, Linux, Mac, Netware
   •Ms Exchange Server
   •SQL Server
   •Lotus Notes/Domino
   •Oracle and MySQL
   •Outlook / Outlook Express

WhyTechit Online Backup?

  • Data Stored In Secure Datacenter

  • Automated Online Backup Schedule

  • Fixed Costs and Completely Transparent

  • Managed service with Daily Reports

  • Data Protection compliance

  • Increased Productivity For Your Staff

  • Free Software Updates

  • All Data Fully Secured In Ireland

  • All Data Repliciated to a second Datacentre

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