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IT Security Services

The IT security of a Business information in any format is now fundamental in today’s regulatory business world. The importance is now clear and IT Security supports all security initiatives for preventing accessibility to an organisations network and IT infrastructure, so the protecting its information.

Threats to an organisations IT Infrastructure and network can come through many different sources, these can be externally or internally and include:

  • Data hacking

  • Viruses, Worms & Trojans

  • Data interception & theft

  • Spam

  • Computer Hackers

  • Spyware, Malware & Adware

  • Data interception & theft

  • Use of company laptops on non-approved websites when not on the
    company network

  • Downloading of music/video files on company PCs

  • Transfer of corporate information to USB memory devices

  • Access to non-approved websites on company network

  • Synchronising/data transfer from personal laptops, mobile phones, tablets, etc

To protect against all threats, an organisation must have an IT Security policy. The components and areas covered can be complex and simple in their implementation, but all must also be managed accordingly. So whether a solution such as a Firewall to protect from external forces or the policy for managing access through passwords, they are all a must and essential to protect your company from internal and external threats.

The Benefits of Implementing an IT Security Solution

We will in partnership with your organisation design and build a solution that will protect your core network and data from all external and internal threats. Our solutions are designed to protect hardware and software through multiple layers and shields of protections. The IT security solution designed will always be done so with the sole purpose of meeting your business requirements.

To deliver full protection of your IT Infrastructure from both Internal and External threats, we use:

  • To block non-approved website access we utilise content filtering

  • Quarterly Network Security Penetration Testion

  • Non, limited & monitored use of USB devices

  • Documented security policies

  • Internet usage and access policies

  • Anti-virus & anti-spam shields

  • Firewall solutions

  • Intrusion detection systems

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) for secure remote access

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